How to Have an Effective Compost Pile

Composting is an ideal task for even the most inexperienced DIYer. It’s easy, doesn’t take up much space, reduces your garbage bill, and helps the earth! Plus, it’s useful because it’s the best ingredient your potted plants and garden can ask for. Here’s what you need to know to get started on an effective composting system.

The Compost Bin

There are as many options for a compost bin as there are ingredients to add. The beautiful thing is that materials will compost naturally regardless of the container, so it really is a matter of preference rather than efficacy. A plastic bin works. If you want a store-bought option, those that rotate make the job easier, but it isn’t necessary to purchase a bin specifically for composting. In fact, any structure that confines the ingredients will do the job. This is where your DIY skills come into play. Keep in mind that it’s important the compost has an opportunity to aerate, so make sure your container has some air holes. If you have the space and can embrace the natural look, a loose compost pile works just as well as any other option.

The Ingredients

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